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Well Christmas is done and dusted for another 12 mths , I hope you all had a great time.

January is a great month for new resolutions and I find I am full of excitement for the year ahead.

Maybe now is the time to schedule some networking activities into your diary ?.

Mallow Open Coffee is by now well estabhlised and we are always looking for ways to improve the opportunities that we can offer each other , whether it be support in the form of a sounding platform for you to come and discuss issues and concerns that you as an individual business owner may be finding . As they say a problem or concern shared is a problem halved .

Why don’t you come along and find out what we are all about ?. The group has a great variety of businesses and we find that lots of different topics are discussed each month.

We hope to see you at our next meet-up tomorrow the 10th of  January from 10 am in Springfort Hall , Mallow and if you need anymore information please feel free to contact : Grainne on 086 2119326 .

See you there and a very Happy and sucessful New Year to you all.



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Next Open Coffee – Tue OCTOBER 5th 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork



Have a look at the Workshops Page for more details

Indeed!! We are jazzing things up a bit at Mallow Open Coffee and offering every business owner the opportunity to learn more about Social Media and how it will impact and benefit their business, or not!

This initiative has come about because of the constant questions that arise at the coffee meetings, about Social Media, Social Networking, Web 2.0, blogging etc. Business owners are wondering if it is of any use for their specific industry. So we thought it best to hold an informative workshop where these questions are addressed. Head over to the Workshop Page to find out more.

A couple more new faces this month, and diversification was at the top of the list. (more…)

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Next Open Coffee – Tue SEPTEMBER 7th 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Mallow Open Coffee is really beginning to feel like it’s starting to hold its own. I really don’t think it was necessary for me to be there today, and that is because folks arrived, walked in, grabbed a coffee at the bar and sat down. We had one new face today, and it just goes to show, business owners are coming back for more.

More of what you may ask? Well, simply more of whatever they get from the meetings for themselves. Mallow Open Coffee is a simple process of interaction, collaboration, support, and good old discussion. Top of the topic list today was broadband (or lack thereof) and the challenges that business owners have when they need a good upload and download to conduct their business effectively.

It seems that comparatively, Ireland does not come too high in the list of quality (or even quantity) service (50th out of 160 it seems).

But the message is always the same. People are still willing to begin new businesses in this country, against all the odds. And that is commendable.

So if you are considering a business, or have started one, make sure your first stop is one of the Enterprise Boards for information, resources and support, and then pop along to Mallow Open Coffee to expand your business contact base and expand your horizons.

See you next month!

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NEXT OPEN COFFEE – TUE MAY 4TH, 2010 from 10am

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold. This seems to be the message we are getting in Ireland with the weather. We are 5 weeks behind last year with growth in the garden. Some of you have lost trees and shrubs due to the severe weather we have experienced since Nov ’09 (really!!).

Well, that is not the case with business owners in the North Cork region. Today’s meeting was full of optimism. The importance of networking face to face locally was discussed and the need to diversify and adapt to change. Discounts and their uses brought up the importance of sites like Gráinne’s Local Discounts. There were lots of ideas shared about how to progress Mallow Open Coffee into the future. We were delighted with new faces again this month, and the feedback is very positive. See our new victims 🙂 on the Attendees Page.

One way to keep yourself informed of Mallow Open Coffee is to create an appointment in your calendar, and you will never miss a great coffee and good company again:

Some instructions for MS Outlook:

  1. Open the Outlook calendar. Click on the new appointment button. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl N.”
  2. Once the appointment box is open, title your appointment. Choose the category it belongs to and enter the location. In the body of the appointment, enter any pertinent details about the appointment. Select a start time (10:00 am) and end time (12:00pm). Determine if you want a reminder. Choose how to show the time, i.e. free or busy.
  3. If you wish to schedule a recurring appointment, click on the reoccurrence button. The categories are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You will have option to choose the first Tuesday of every 1 month.
  4. Once you have completed entering all the information you would like in your appointment, click on save and close. You now have a recurring appointment for Mallow Open Coffee in your calendar. See here for the full article.

** Check out the North Cork Enterprise Board for a Speed Networking evening coming up in Charleville on April 15th. More details here.

The following websites were suggested as good resource providers:


Looking forward to seeing you on May 4th. If you have any questions, please connect with us on the contact page.

Have a great month,

Elaine & Gráinne

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Next Open Coffee – Tue APRIL 6th 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

There was a comment passed today by one of our regulars, Ivan O Donoghue, that this was the first open coffee meeting without rain!! In fact it was a beautiful morning today, albeit a bit foggy earlier on. What a contrast to the morning myself and Ivan had huddled beside by the fire in the drawing room at our Jan meeting, after bracing the snow, ice and minus temperatures.

Today definitely had a feeling of Springtime, and there seems to be a definite cheer in the air, as Gráinne commented twitter had been particularly cheery this morning, which was true.

This seemed to set the tone of the meeting this morning, and we were joined by some new cheery faces, and friendly familiar faces 🙂

So, the Network is slowly taking a shape of it’s own, and the attendees (if I may call us that) are taking on the feeling that the meetings are not “held” or “structured”, and the relaxed, open environment is definitely a hit!

Thanks to all for making it possible, and we look forward to growing throughout 2010. The network is FREE and open to all business owners, or those working in business. Come and share, tell us what you are about and be part of the team that is slowly getting Ireland Inc. back on it’s feet.

Click here to see a list of all attendees

Until April,


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Next Open Coffee – Tue MARCH 2nd 2010, 10am
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

We had a great session today at Open Coffee – new faces, new ideas, new contacts made. A very successful morning full of positivity, information, suggestions, connections, and of course a bit of banter.

Thank you to everyone for making the time this morning, and we look forward to building the group further over the next few months. Take a look at the attendee list here.

Lots of new courses coming up for business owners and Start-Ups:

Start Your Own Business Courses:

Cork: North Cork Enterprise Board

Limerick: Limerick County Enterprise Board

Other interesting sites and blogs to look out for locally:

Ballyhoura Enterprise Network (BEN) – find their blog here

Ballyhoura Dragons

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