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Well Christmas is done and dusted for another 12 mths , I hope you all had a great time.

January is a great month for new resolutions and I find I am full of excitement for the year ahead.

Maybe now is the time to schedule some networking activities into your diary ?.

Mallow Open Coffee is by now well estabhlised and we are always looking for ways to improve the opportunities that we can offer each other , whether it be support in the form of a sounding platform for you to come and discuss issues and concerns that you as an individual business owner may be finding . As they say a problem or concern shared is a problem halved .

Why don’t you come along and find out what we are all about ?. The group has a great variety of businesses and we find that lots of different topics are discussed each month.

We hope to see you at our next meet-up tomorrow the 10th of  January from 10 am in Springfort Hall , Mallow and if you need anymore information please feel free to contact : Grainne on 086 2119326 .

See you there and a very Happy and sucessful New Year to you all.



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Next Open Coffee – Tue SEPTEMBER 6th 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Hi everyone , I hope that  the Summer has been good to you both personally and business wise , pity about the weather but when you look at what the USA are facing at the moment we really can’t complain about a few showers now can we lols .

Julys Open Coffee was well attended again and I hope to continue this into the Autumn and Winter months .

I want to ask you the members of Mallow Open Coffee if it would interest you to have a once off  Meet – up in the evening and what you would like if I was to arrange this , I am thinking maybe a meet up followed by drinks and time to socialise with each other . What do u think please reply and let me know of any ideas you may have.

I would also like to wish Elaine the best of luck in the future and hope that she will continue to be a very valuable member of Mallow Open Coffee , Elaine has decided to step down as an organiser. I wish her all the best and thank her on your behalf for her time and commitment to Mallow Open Coffee in the last two years . If anyone would like to step up and help me to continue grow Mallow Open Coffee and its network then feel free to contact me on 086 2119326.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 6th of September. If again you require any details then please go to the blog where you will find further information. https://opencoffeemallow.wordpress.com/



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🙂 {{UPDATE: (Monday 4th) – We now have great Spot Prizes for those attending on the day. We will draw the winners using business cards, so make sure you bring yours

Huge thanks to

Ivan O’Donoghue (Spiralli Business Solutions)

William Healy (Crystal Computers)

Niamh Quinlan (Travel Counsellor)

Sharon Cregg  (Parkwest Flowers)

for donating so far. I have been duly informed by Brídhaven that there are more on the way  }} 🙂

Excitement is building for next months Open Coffee Mallow meet-up which is being held on Tuesday the 5th of July from 10 am at , Bridhaven Nursing Home. Paul and Mary Clare Rochford ,  have kindly invited  our group to visit their facilities (Enter Code QK1-07-62D here) and meet with their residents some of whom are previous business owners within the town of Mallow and surrounds. We are looking forward to hearing their stories of how it has been for them as a business owner , and we believe they will have invaluable business advice and stories to share.

Last months Open Coffee meeting (some photos here) was well supported. We also welcomed new visitors, Judith Power of Style Coach and Mairead O Sullivan of Fermoy Print and Design. Lots of positive vibes coming from the group and lots of ideas of how to be innovative about business in recessionary times .

I wondered how everyone would feel about an evening meet-up so I broached the subject of having a more casual gathering later in the Summer , I am thinking maybe late August or early September and going with a barbeque for members to mingle over some nibbles and a glass of vino or two ;-)) , this will also allow for some members whom have not been able to attend due to work restrictions or other reasons , I will contact you all again in regards to this.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Bridhaven next Tuesday.
P.S. If you require further information please feel free to contact either myself or Elaine and we would be more than happy to help you.

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Next Open Coffee – Tue MARCH 1st 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Yes, we have come to another chapter in Irish politics history. I feel the last chapter will make it into many history books, and “How to…” books. I predict a tense week in the run up to Friday 25th, when we get to use our voice, and pave a new future for Ireland.

We can discuss politics at next open coffee, or we can focus on business and discuss how 2011 is looking for our Business growth.

See you on Mar 1st!


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Next Open Coffee – Tue FEBRUARY 1st 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

I just did a quick check to see if the first Tuesday of April lands on the 1st. Phew, it doesn’t, but the next two do, so it’s a great way to start your month, come meet a group of people who know what it is like to persevere, be pro-active, and get their business going.

I chose the title “Adversity introduces us to ourselves” because a man I met last year, the gentle and interesting Seán Gallagher, used this in a talk he was a giving. It made me think hard about the times we find ourselves in, and how easy some folk give in, give up, and others make the conscious decision not to take part in a recession.

Thankfully I have made the latter choice, and am confident about 2011 for business owners, despite what is happening in Ireland this very week.

However, the title rings most true for one of our regular attendees, Ivan O’Donoghue of Spiralli Business Solutions. Ivan appeared at Open Coffee earlier in the month, coming directly from his office, which only that morning had been completely destroyed by flooding, including the office, reception area, training rooms and office space that they rent out.

What was more amazing was, they are on the second floor. How did that happen? Read their blog post here to find out how he and his partner Niamh, have survived this tragedy and have no plans to fall victim to a “cause” beyond their control. What is inspirational about their story, is that they have decided to take charge of the “effect” and manage their own destiny for Spiralli.

Truly an inspirational story, and we can all learn from it wisely!

As Mondays go, today was rather non-eventful for me, and not very productive for various reasons. But I did have a blog post published today on Bloggertone, aptly named “BEAT THE MONDAY MORNING BLUES“. So if you are struggling with your Monday mornings, pop over and have a read.

See you soon,


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Next Open Coffee – Tue DECEMBER 7th 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Wow, it just gets better and better! Here are some comments received back from the SM Workshop on Oct 19th:

“It was very informative and great to hear how Twitter, Facebook and blogging in general can be used in so many different ways to market companies, products and provide up to date information to potential customers. Overall it was very refreshing to hear professionals spreading the word about these important marketing tools. An aspect of marketing I will be exploring further – (especially as my own website lacks these tools!). Thanks also to Paul Brugger and Ivan O’Donoghue for their input on Facebook, Linkedin and blogging.
Hope to see everyone again at some point.” Nigel Robertson, Sixmile Design

“Elaine, Ivan and Paul’s presentations on social media were very informative, useful and professionally delivered. They shared very generously, drawing on their own personal experience to demonstrate the benefits of social media and bring it to life. A lot of material was covered,all presented in a very clear and understandable manner, and insightful questions answered. I learned a lot and I’m definitely closer now to engaging with SM for my business. I’m very grateful to all the presenters, and to Springfort Hall for generously providing such a beautiful location for the workshop. Thank you.” Audrey Shallow, Create Wish Angels

The workshop brought many new faces to our last Open Coffee meeting, so mission accomplished. We have picked up momentum again, and very much looking forward to our Christmas Special meeting on Dec 7th….

watch this space!!….

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NEXT OPEN COFFEE – TUE June  1st, 2010 from 10am

Another day down, another Bank Holiday closer to summer. Some would ask “What summer?” but we know it’s on the way (once the ash clears!). There is a lot of scary stuff going on at the minute in Ireland. The country is mourning the loss of a favourite radio broadcaster, Gerry Ryan, while they are quickly approaching election day in the UK. Meanwhile an Irish rower has just traversed 2500 nautical miles across the Atlantic ocean, spending 118 days away from his family, and the Gulf of Mexico is slicked with crude oil. Some may be celebrating sporting wins over the weekend, and others drowning their sorrows, Irish style!

But in the library and then the bar of Springfort Hall today, there was little talk of losses today. Conversations crossed from twitter to local news to national politics and current affairs. There was  a lot of interest in the subject of Social Media and Social Networking, and especially the different takes on whether it should be used or not, and is it of any benefit.

With Web 2.0 firmly in place, who could argue that Social Networking is not the future, it’s the present. Businesses who are not “buying into” the concept of connecting with their clients and customers online, may find themselves in a dilemma by 2011.

So, Mallow Open Coffee are asking the question, are small businesses interested in learning more about the Web 2.0 world? Head over to the POLL page right now and cast your vote. We will certainly run a workshop if the need is there, even a taster of the benefits and uses of the various platforms that are now part of everyday business internet usage.


Some interesting events coming up:

MAY 8th – Limerick Bizcamp

A great day of presentations, talks, networking, learning, enlightenment.

Bring lots of Business Cards, and an open mind. Details here

Don’t know what a Bizcamp is all about??? Check it out here

MAY 5th

Network Cork are holding a great seminar on dealing with the EU, on Wed evening:

“How to Interact with the EU –  think local”
Wednesday 5th May 2010
The Maryborough Hotel, Douglas

Contact info@networkcork.com for more details

MAY 10th – 12th

C103 and NRS Media are hosting a series of presentations called “7 steps to successful advertising” in West Cork and North Cork. Please call Deborah Quinn at C103 on 022-42103 or email her at deborah@c103.ie for details and locations.

MAY 26th, 27th

Launch of “Do Business Smarter” Networking (26th) and Seminar “12 Smarter strategies to achieve success” (27th) both at Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork. You can register here

So lots to keep us going for the month of May. Don’t forget to put into your diary or calendar June 1st for your next open coffee meeting. Bring someone along, so we can grow the network and grow our chances of survival in this unsure world of business that we find ourselves in.

May 24th – June 3rd

As part of EU SME Week, Enterprise Ireland, the Small Firms Association, IBEC, the Irish Taxation Institute and the County Enterprise Boards invite you to a FREE seminar to inform you of the supports and advice available to your business.
There will be 8 events throughout Ireland  from 6.00-8.00pm. Should you wish to attend or be represented, it is essential that you register in advance on line at www.sfa.ie/events or LoCall 1890 546 546.

We hope you attend some of the sessions above, and let us know how you get on.

See you next month,
Elaine & Gráinne

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