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I would just like to say a huge thank you to those who make the effort to attend the Open Coffee each month or whenever they can ,  I think you all see  the benefit of such a relaxed and infromal approach to networking in todays pressurized society.

I took the opportunity this month to listen to the discussions going on around me with a view to getting ideas for future meet-ups.  The one conversation that stood out to me was by Nikki Williams who was looking for feedback from the group in regards to various aspects of her business, which included Flyer font use and phrasing , Nikki is embarking  on delivering a course  for Parents called United Parenting , Improving Family Relationships   to help parents who want to learn how to  improve their family relationship with their child , this I believe is what Open Coffee is all about , sharing , learning , supporting and giving advice when asked for it , the group includes business people from various backgrounds , from IT to Travel and Retail , so their combined experience is an invaluable offering to each and every member .

Following on from this meeting I had a fantastic chat with Sarah McMahon from Smack PR  ,  Sarah has been involved in Radio and Media and also been involved in the Mallow Racing Home festival for 2011 so has huge experience. We discussed the possibility of hosting an afternoon Showcase of businesses in the North Cork area , in conjunction with the Open Coffee Mallow group , in the near future .

I would  love your feedback on what you would like to see happening within the group in the future , remember this is your network and your ideas are valuable to its success ! . I have been playing with the idea of a rebrand and maybe holding more formal talks on alternate months , so to ensure that members get the most from these talks I would love to hear what topics you would like covered , EG :  PR , Advertising , accounting , Websites promotion , anything you feel you would like to learn more about . contact me through the email link here or phone me on 086 2119326 and lets get started .

Next months meeting should be interesting so do not miss out !!!!!

Date for next months Open Coffee meet-up is Tuesday the 4th of October you do not want to miss this !!



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Next Open Coffee – Tue JUNE 7th 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

We are hosting Mallow Open Coffee in July at Brídhaven Nursing Home. The purpose of hosting the Open Coffee at the Home will be to forge increased links between Brídhaven and business people/community in the Mallow and  North Cork area as well as to offer a chance to those in attendance to view the excellent facilities at Brídhaven.

Business Accolades currently held by Brídhaven Nursing Home.
·         In 2010 Brídhaven Nursing Home achieved 3 ISO Awards and Paul Rochford was recognised as Business Person of the Year by Mallow Chamber of Commerce.
·         In 2011 Brídhaven won an Irish Accomodation Services Industry award for Hygiene Standards and achieved an “Excellence Through People” quality standard  which is the national standard for human resource management.

Paul Rochford, owner of Brídhaven, recently won the Mallow Businessperson of the Year Award.

We look forward to an alternative event for July (esp as it is our 2nd birthday!!)

If you would like to host a Mallow Open Coffee event at your place of business, please let us know, or leave a comment below. They are a great opportunity to showcase your business, generate networking opportunities and support the concept of Open Coffee.

See you in Springfort Hall on June 7th!

Elaine & Gráinne

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Next Open Coffee – Tue MAY 3rd 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

If you would like to host a Mallow Open Coffee event at your place of business, please let us know. They are a great opportunity to showcase your business, generate networking opportunities and support the concept of Open Coffee.

See you next month!

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Next Open Coffee – Tue APRIL 5th 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We hope you take time away from your business, and enjoy the festival. Here are some resources you may find useful in your quest to enjoy the day:







Enjoy the festival, and see you on April 5th!!Seefin Coaching


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Next Open Coffee – Tue FEBRUARY 1st 2011, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

I just did a quick check to see if the first Tuesday of April lands on the 1st. Phew, it doesn’t, but the next two do, so it’s a great way to start your month, come meet a group of people who know what it is like to persevere, be pro-active, and get their business going.

I chose the title “Adversity introduces us to ourselves” because a man I met last year, the gentle and interesting Seán Gallagher, used this in a talk he was a giving. It made me think hard about the times we find ourselves in, and how easy some folk give in, give up, and others make the conscious decision not to take part in a recession.

Thankfully I have made the latter choice, and am confident about 2011 for business owners, despite what is happening in Ireland this very week.

However, the title rings most true for one of our regular attendees, Ivan O’Donoghue of Spiralli Business Solutions. Ivan appeared at Open Coffee earlier in the month, coming directly from his office, which only that morning had been completely destroyed by flooding, including the office, reception area, training rooms and office space that they rent out.

What was more amazing was, they are on the second floor. How did that happen? Read their blog post here to find out how he and his partner Niamh, have survived this tragedy and have no plans to fall victim to a “cause” beyond their control. What is inspirational about their story, is that they have decided to take charge of the “effect” and manage their own destiny for Spiralli.

Truly an inspirational story, and we can all learn from it wisely!

As Mondays go, today was rather non-eventful for me, and not very productive for various reasons. But I did have a blog post published today on Bloggertone, aptly named “BEAT THE MONDAY MORNING BLUES“. So if you are struggling with your Monday mornings, pop over and have a read.

See you soon,


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Next Open Coffee – Tue DECEMBER 7th 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

Wow, it just gets better and better! Here are some comments received back from the SM Workshop on Oct 19th:

“It was very informative and great to hear how Twitter, Facebook and blogging in general can be used in so many different ways to market companies, products and provide up to date information to potential customers. Overall it was very refreshing to hear professionals spreading the word about these important marketing tools. An aspect of marketing I will be exploring further – (especially as my own website lacks these tools!). Thanks also to Paul Brugger and Ivan O’Donoghue for their input on Facebook, Linkedin and blogging.
Hope to see everyone again at some point.” Nigel Robertson, Sixmile Design

“Elaine, Ivan and Paul’s presentations on social media were very informative, useful and professionally delivered. They shared very generously, drawing on their own personal experience to demonstrate the benefits of social media and bring it to life. A lot of material was covered,all presented in a very clear and understandable manner, and insightful questions answered. I learned a lot and I’m definitely closer now to engaging with SM for my business. I’m very grateful to all the presenters, and to Springfort Hall for generously providing such a beautiful location for the workshop. Thank you.” Audrey Shallow, Create Wish Angels

The workshop brought many new faces to our last Open Coffee meeting, so mission accomplished. We have picked up momentum again, and very much looking forward to our Christmas Special meeting on Dec 7th….

watch this space!!….

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Next Open Coffee – Tue NOVEMBER 2nd 2010, 10am – 12pm
Springfort Hall, Newtwopothouse, Co. Cork

And so it goes, Mallow Open Coffee meets hardcore Social Media in a fast and furious session on a cold morning yesterday.

It was tempting to stay at home, or in the office, but 22 people decided to descend on Springfort Hall for an overview of what Social Media is and how it can possibly help their business.

Ivan from Spiralli in action

We are on a high this week, as texts and e-mails pour in (well, a few anyway) thanking us for an informative and very useful workshop. So we hope that the sceptics will at least begin the conversation about Social Media without the word CR*P in it. We hope that those who are intrigued will go and find out more. And we hope that those who already relish in a SM or SN strategy, will explore the possibility of a campaign.

We have triggered the curiosity, piqued the interest, stimulated the semi-geek taste buds, and answered

the hard questions. It is up to those 22 people now to take that knowledge and attitude, and turn it into a skill of sorts. Slowly and tentatively!

Huge shout outs to Ivan O’Donoghue of Spiralli Business Solutions and Paul Brugger of City local Cork for the great presentations and giving up their morning for the good of Co. Cork!

Thank you also to Springfort Hall, for providing the room, facilities and fantastic service. Teresa and the team really looked after us well.

And not least the print media, Mallow Star, Cork Independent, Cork Advertiser and Cork News for giving us the column space to reach out to those not already online tweeting or blogging or linking in.

Mallow Open coffee returns to normal service on Nov 2nd, see you there!!


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